PML Epoxy Coating


PML Epoxy Coating is a low odour, non-taint, solvent free epoxy system specially formulated as a high build floor finish which can be applied by brush, roller or squeegee.   The high build properties of PML Epoxy Coating ensure that two coats are normally sufficient to give a high gloss tile-like, impermeable finish which can be easily cleaned and decontaminated.


PML Epoxy Coating has excellent resistance to water and many chemicals including dilute acids, alkalis, salts, detergents, oil and fats.   Resistance to mild solvents such as white spirit, petrol and kerosene is good but resistance is limited to more powerful solvents such as aromatic/chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones.


PML Epoxy Coating has an excellent nuclear decontamination rating.


PML Epoxy Coating can be optionally made anti-slip, however this will reduce the ease with which the floor can be cleaned.   PML Epoxy Coating is available in a standard range of attractive colours, but is not primarily a decorative floor finish.


N.B For application to walls and ceilings, use the special thixotropic grade PML Epoxy Coating HB (under Specialised Wall and Ceiling Coatings)


Typical Applications


Food, dairy and soft drink industries, abattoirs, breweries, chemical plants and nuclear installations.




Floor Sealers and Coatings


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