Peridite is the market leader in solvent free epoxy systems with over 45 years proven performance worldwide. The Peridite solvent free range of specialist linings offer a comprehensive system of protective coatings to both metal and concrete tanks and bund areas, with a history of over 45 years worldwide use.

 In addition to potable water tanks, Peridite offers long term protection against a wide range of chemical reagents within the chemical and petro-chemical industry and has an unrivalled history of use as a lining to tanks and vats within the brewing, drinks and food production sectors.

 For areas of high wear and abrasion, Peridite X provides unbeatable protection to tanks, vats, chutes, silos, hoppers and as pipe linings.


Peridite is non-tainting and is ideal as an internal lining for fermentation, conditioning and process water vessels.   Peridite is used by many major brewing companies throughout the world, and is widely recognised as a high performance non-taint system.


Peridite has a wide variety of uses in the Food and Agricultural Industries, including the internal lining of storage vessels, the coating of animal breeding pens, and the protection of process plant associated with the extraction of sugar from beet.   Peridite is a multi-purpose product with a wide range of uses including contact with potable water.


Peridite is an ideal protective coating for concrete and steel surfaces in Civil Engineering - including the internal lining of pipes, subjected to chemical attack as experienced in effluent plant, sewerage and the erosive and midly corrosive but cumulative effect of fast moving water found in hydroelectric schemes, dams and water sluices.


In the Marine industry, Peridite coatings give protection to keels, propellers and shafts.   Peridite is used to line cargo tanks, a\nd as a protective coating on the keels of craft.   For over 30 years, Peridite has been supplied to the Ministry of Defence for use on all types of warships including nuclear submarines.


In the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, Peridite has a wide range of applications for the protection of steel and concrete in these industries.   Peridite can be used for the jointing of cement lined pipes and the protection of interior surfaces of condensers, heat exchangers and process plant.  Peridite is used in Nuclear Power Stations for floor areas, water treatment plant etc.   Peridite has an excellent decontamination surface.










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