Chemical Resistant Coatings, Construction Mortars and Joints

Acalor Protective Materials offer a complete range of products for chemical protection with over 50 years proven use worldwide.   Our products are used extensively in Bunds, Tanks, Dump Chests, Vats, Floors, Sewers and Effluent Treatment Plants.   These products have been successfully applied for many years in various industries including the Chemical, Petropchemical, Pulp, Paper, Electroplating, Electolytic Refining, Oil Refining, Food, Drink, Water and Effluent Treatment Industries amongst others.


Acalor's Hi-Chem Plus Screed and Render offers the latest development in resin technology for enhanced resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals.   Hi-Chem Plus provides outstanding resistance to Sulphuric Acid at all concentrations and improved durability to many other chemicals.


The extensive range of chemically resistant finishes developed by Acalor Protective Materials Limited caters for the broad spectrum of conditions found throughout industry.


The Acalor range of High Performance pourable grouts and resin mortars has over 50 years proven use worldwide.   The range offers excellent Compressive, Tensile, Shear and Bond strengths, Low Creep and High Resistance to dynamic and static loadings.





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