Hi Chem Plus Screed 


 Hi Chem Plus Screed offers outstanding resistance to sulphuric acid at all concentrations up to 98%, has excellent resistance to many other chemicals, especially solvents, and is capable of resisting wear and abrasion from mechanical traffic.


Hi Chem Plus Screed is a 3 component system comprising resin, hardener and specially graded fillers and is trowel applied at approximately 5-6mm thick, as a lining for horizontal surfaces in areas subject to spillage of aggresive chemicals e.g bunds.


Hi Chem Plus Screed is specially formulated to give an impervious screed that does not rely on surface coatings to prevent porosity.  


Hi Chem Plus Screed can be subjected to light pedestrian traffic after 24 hours depending on ambient temperature.


Hi Chem Plus is also available as a render version, Hi Chem Plus Render, which can be applied at up to 5mm thickness to vertical surfaces


Typical Applications


Typical applications include bund lining and flooring in water treatment areas, electrolytic refining and electroplating plants, and the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries











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