Specialised Wall and Ceiling Coatings


For over 40 years, Acalor Aseptic Membranes and Wall Finishes have been at the forefront of technology in the fight to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleaniness in Operating Theatre Suites, Pharmacies and Sterile areas within the NHS and private sectors.


Our range of aseptic flexible membranes are used by most major pharmaceutical companies in the UK.   The Acalor range of wall finishes are designed to be flexible, to resist cracking due to thermal movement or minor settlement, thus preserving the integrity of the hygienic surface.   The chemical resistance and the aseptic qualities of the Acalor range of finishes have made them suitable for use in primary and secondary production areas, laboratories and bulk chemical areas.


The Acalor range of seamless finishes are designed to withstand the rigours and exacting requirements within the Food and Drinks Industry.   The Acalor range of products are continuously developed to take advantage of the latest advances in resin technology and are formulated to be applied directly to the substrate, thus eliminating voids and cavities which can attract the growth of moulds, bacteria and vermin.


Acalor's range of jointless wall finishes provide a food safe environment to kitchens, food preparation areas and ingredient establishments.  Our range of food safe products include impact and abrasion resistance as well as excellent hygienic properties.


At Acalor we take great pride in the quality of both our products and services.   We believe that we will have a solution to your Wall and Ceiling Coating requirements, and look forward to working with you in  the future.




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