Plastapak WB


Plastapak WB is a tough, low odour, water based wall and ceiling coating based on a high technology vinyl terpolymer.   It is formulated to give a thick, flexible, continuous film forming a water vapour and dust barrier, which expands and contracts with thermal and minor structural movement.  


Plastapak WB provides a hygenic coating containing high performance biocides to inhibit microbial growth even under arduous conditions.   Plastapak WB has a low sheen finish and is available in a range of attractive pastel colours.


Plastapak WB's water resistant finish will not support mould growth.   The surface can be washed down repeatedly as it is unaffected by most detergents, cleaning and sterilising solutions.




Low odour/water based system, non flammable.

Easily cleaned, tough, decorative, hygenic finish.

Smooth and jointless.

High elongation (150%).

Can be applied to a wide range of internal building surfaces.

Good chemical resistance.

Building regulations Class 'O' fire rating.

Easily repaied by overcoating, excellant adhesion to itself.

Moisture vapour barrier (min 500 micron dry film thickness)


Typical Applications


Plastapak WB provides a seamless, protective, decorative coating on internal walls and ceiling where controlled environments, sterile and dust free conditions are required.   These areas include hospital operating theatre suites, pharmaceutical production areas, food and drink processing areas, computer suites and electronics production.

Specialised Wall and Ceiling Coatings


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