Awdec is a low odour, water dispersible high build epoxy coating, formulated to provide a tough, durable, decorative glossy wall and ceiling finish.   Awdec is easily cleaned and can be washed down repeatedly with the majority of detergents, cleaning solutions and disinfectants.   Awdec is avilable in white and a range of pastel colours.




Low odour/water based system, non-flammable.

Supplied at high volume solids - 68%.

Excellent adhesion to steel and most building substrates.

Contains biocides to inhibit bacterial/mould growth.

Good resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

Meets UK Class '0' fire rating.

Easily repaired by overcoating, excellent adhesion to itself.


Typical Applications


Food, dairy and soft rink industries, breweries, bakeries, abattoirs, school and hospital kitchens, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.




Specialised Wall and Ceiling Coatings



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