Isokote 200


Isokote 200 is a heavy duty multi-coat laminated and reinforced wall lining of 1 mm nominal thickness.   It provides a seamless high gloss surface to meet the most stringent of hygiene requirements.   Isokote 200 is resistant to impact, abrasion and a wide range of chemicals.


Isokote 200 is applied directly to the substrate eliminating voids in which vermin and bacteria could lodge.   Isokote 200 is available in brilliant white and pastel colours.




Can upgrade existing poor and damaged surfaces, to clean and sterile standards.

Impact and abrasion resistant.

High 'tile-like' gloss.

Class '0' fire rating.

Does not support bacterial growth.

Has achieved excellent radioactive decontamination rating.

Easily sterilised with proprietary materials.

Excellent chemical resistance.

Can be applied to most building substrates.


Typical Applications


Kitchens, Abattoirs, Food Preperation areas, Food Manufacturing, Shower Areas, Nuclear Industry, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Industry, Containment areas.




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