Acalor Patch Pack - Rapid Setting

Acalor Patch Pack is a trowel-applied three-part epoxy resin mortar consisting of Base, Hardener and Specially graded fillers.


Acalor Patch Pack is specifically designed for rapid repairs to floors, roads, expansion joints etc.   It bonds tenaciously to most building surfaces and, when cured, is completely impervious and resistant to water, oil, grease and a wide range of chemicals.


Acalor Patch Pack is fast setting, giving a rapid return to service and is supplied in pre-packed units, ready to use.  No primer is required in application and it comes coloured - concrete grey.   Acalor Patch Pack is non -shrink, and can be applied down to a feather edge and can be applied under cold, damp conditions.   Acalor Patch Pack is impervious, non-dusting and resistant to oil, grease and a wide range of chemicals.   It is impact and abrasion resistant and will withstand heavy trucking.


Typical Applications



Floor patching

Repairing damaged concrete

Correcting floor levels

Repairing worn stair treads

Repairing damaged and worn expansion joints

Concrete road repairs

Chemically resistant mortar for concrete protection

Repairs to structural concrete






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