APML Holdfast Primer

APML Holdfast Primer is a 'state of the art' primer for damp surfaces including 'green' concrete and cementitious screeds.


Due to it's high compatability with water, APML Holdfast Primer forms a tenacious bond to damp surfaces and acts as a barrier between a damp substrate and a more water sensitive coating or screed.


APML Holdfast Primer is supplied as a 2 part pack consisting of factory pre-weighed base and hardener components.



 Typical Applications


Early age priming of new concrete and cementitious screeds - no need to wait for the substrate to dry.

Priming of existing concrete which cannot be fully dried such as wet production areas and thus minimising down time.

Priming of outdoor areas - less risk of adhesion failure in poor weather conditions. 


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