Epoxy Screed ET

Epoxy Screed ET is a four component resin concrete consisting of resin, hardener, filler and aggregate, giving an extra thick heavy duty floor screed.   Epoxy Coating ET is suitable for a wide range of site applications including, filling large voids, patching of spalled or cracked concrete, repairs to granolithic flooring, bedding machinery.


Epoxy Screed ET is typically applied at 8-10 mm minimum thickness.   It is also suitable for forming falls to existing flat floors, providing a rapid cure prior to the application of the final finish.


Epoxy Screed ET, unlike other materials of this type, can be mixed and applied without undue effort.   This is largely due to the unique blend of aggregates, which disperse easily into the epoxy resin-hardener mixture, giving a dense, impermable concrete which can be easily applied by trowel or steel float.   Very little tamping is required to achieve consolidation and the mixture is free from the stickiness normally associated with epoxy resin formulations.


Epoxy Screed ET can be supplied in either a Low Odour System or a Corroproof System.


Typical Applications


Low Odour System

Food and Drinks Industries

Pharmaceutical Industry



Food Oil Refineries

Bedding of Generators

Heavy Plant and Equipment environments


Corroproof System

Chemical resistant floors in:

Plating Shops

Chemical Production

Petrochemical Industry


Heavy Engineering

Bedding of Generators

Heavy Plant and Equipment environments




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