Acalor PML Epoxy Render - Low Odour



 Acalor PML Epoxy Render - Low Odour possesses high strength characteristics, superb trowelling properties and can be applied without slump on vertical and overhead surfaces.   It is especially suitable for applications in food processing areas where freedom from taint during application is essential.


Acalor PML Epoxy Render - Low Odour may be used for skirtings or vertical and overhead applications and for concrete repairs.   It is available in a standard range of attractive colours, but is not primarily a decorative finish.


Acalor PML Epoxy Render - Low Odour consists of an epoxy resin, hardener and specially graded filler, supplied in pre-measured packs designed to give the maximum ease of mixing.   It is easily applied and may be consolidated to provide a dense finish.   It bonds tenaciously to prepared concrete surfaces and will cure without shrinkage in 12-18 hours, although full mechanical and chemical resistant properties will not be obtained for a further 2-3 days, depending on the ambient temperature.


Typical Applications


Food and Drink processing areas




Storage Areas

Pharmaceutical Plants 


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