Epoxy Self Levelling Flooring

Acalor Protective Materials range of self levelling epoxy floors provide a hygienic jointless surface which is dust free and hard wearing.   Our range of self levelling flooring combines the ease of application of flow applied flooring with the hard wearing characteristics of epoxy resin screeds.   Applied at thicknesses of 1.5mm, 3mm and 6mm, they provide an extremely tough, hard wearing surface with an attractive appearance.


Acalor's range of Epoxy Self Levelling Flooring provides both an excellent chemical resistance and an excellent nuclear decontamination rating.


Our Product Range Includes:


PML SL15 Flow Applied Epoxy Floor    -     Typical 1.5mm thickness

PML SL30 Flow Applied Epoxy Floor    -     Typical 3.0mm thickness

PML SL60 Flow Applied Epoxy Floor    -     Typical 6.0mm thickness


Typical Applications


Industrial process plants

Power Stations

Food and Drink Processing Areas


Pharmaceutical Plants

Nuclear Industry

Film and TV Studios




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