Epoxy Screed SD

Epoxy Screed SD is a factory mixed, pre-packed thin screed flooring system for application at 5-6 mm thickness.


Epoxy Screed SD is extremely easy to lay and due to a unique blend of fillers, does not stick to the trowel.   Very little pressure is required to consolidate the material giving a dense screed which does not require additional sealer coats to provide an impervious topping.    The finish is inherently anti-slip by nature.


Epoxy Screed SD is available as a Low Odour System or a Corroproof System.   Epoxy Coating SD LOw Odour is especially suitable for applications in food processing areas where freedom from taint during application is essential.   Epoxy Coating SD Corroproof is specially formulated for application to areas requiring a high degree of chemical resistance.


Both systems are available in a standard range of attractive colours, although they are not primarily a decorative floor finish.


Typical Applications


Low Odour System

Food and drink processing areas.




Storage Areas.

Pharmaceutical Plants.


Corroproof System

Plating Shops

Water Treatment Plants

Chemical Bund Areas






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