Steamcrete 2000

Steamcrete 2000  is a 3 part polyurethane based thin section screed for application at a nominal 8-10 mm thickness.   It provides an easily cleaned, impervious, slip resistant finish which is able to withstand spillage of boiling water and cleaning by steam lance.


Steamcrete 2000 provides an attractive speckled floor finish available in a range of colours.   It exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals inluding many oxidising agents and solvents.


Steamcrete 2000 utilises low odour resin systems and is suitable for application in the food and drink industry.   Steamcrete 2000 offers good mechanical and abrasion resistance.


Typical Applications


Food and drink processing areas, abattoirs, dairies, breweries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, dye works and electroplating shops.




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